Finance Your Dream Equipment With Econolease
Finance Your Dream Equipment With Econolease

Worried about arranging the necessary funds to source your dream restaurant equipment? Bid adieu to your concerns. Cook’s Mate offers financing services in collaboration with Econolease to all aspiring restaurant owners. Funding your dream restaurant has never been easier. The flexible financing and leasing option Cook’s Mate offers in collaboration with Econolease makes sourcing your dream restaurant equipment simple. With an approval rate of more than 90% and offering a purchase range between $1000 to $2 Million, Econolease makes the dreams of aspiring restaurant owners a reality. What’s more? The quick approval and turnaround time means that you do not have to wait for months to get your financing approved. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can finance your dream restaurant equipment!

What Is Econolease?
What Is Econolease?

Econolease is Canada’s leader in creating financial solutions for the food service and hospitality industry. Offering the most cost effective solutions to aspiring restauranteurs, Econolease allows you to focus on growing your business while also helping you navigate all your financial needs. Flexible financing and renting options from Econolease allow you to get on the exciting journey of owning a restaurant as fast as today! Call us for more details. 


Struggling with what equipment to source for your restaurant? Do many options get you confused? How about renting it first? With Econolease, renting is a great way to test out the equipment before making a long-term commitment. Call us to consult with our sales specialists and learn how you can rent your dream restaurant equipment today! 

Best Terms & Rates To Finance Your Dream Restaurant!
Best Terms & Rates To Finance Your Dream Restaurant!

Econolease offers flexible leasing and financing options. Call us today to learn more!





Monthly Payments

Weekly payments

12-60 month terms

12-month term

End of term, you own the equipment

End of term, you can purchase your equipment, return it, or convert to a lease

Most affordable

Most flexible

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